Technical advice

1. Which castor for which floor?
The selected role should match the nature of the soil in order to provide optimal performance. Here are a few suggestions:

concrete floor: polypropylene, polyamide (rather loudly), polyurethane (rather quietly), elastic rubber (quietly)

bright floor: rubber or other traceless castors

Tiled floor: several elastic or rubber castors

Carpet: rubber, polypropylene or nylon (PA)

2. The difference between plain bearings, roller bearings and plain bearings?
plain bearing: The wheel runs directly on the axis. Suitable especially for low-speed vehicles. Robust and undemanding, but sluggish at high loads.

roller bearing: Robust bearing type for low-speed vehicles, smoother than a plain bearing. Standard solution for many transport wheels.

ball bearing: The bearing with the lowest rolling resistance and the highest capacity. Even at high loads, vehicles can easily be moved!

3. Do I need a swivel or fixed castor?
The most common use is 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors.
The solution for tight spaces: 4 wheels make the wheeler movable in all directions. Less suitable for long straights. Not suitable for roads with gradients.

4. What does shore hardness mean?
The shore hardness provides information on the hardness of the wheel material: 
the higher the shore hardness, the harder the material. Example: a rubber castors have a shore hardness of around 65° to 75°, a polyurethane castor has a shore hardness of around 95°. Rubber is so much softer.

5. What does traceless mean? When does it make sense?
Traceless means that these wheels do not leave any marks on the floors. Locations for traceless running wheels are everywhere where value is placed on beautiful floors! Grey rubber is e.g. particularly suitable. Polyamide and polyurethane also don´t turn off.

6. Delivery times in general
Please contact us with your special inquiry and we will see, what possibilities we have. We always try our best to bring you your goods as soon as possible.

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